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April 11, 2024

Find out the Azerai resorts that are three gems to go to while in Vietnam. All having their particular touches : Azerai Can Tho for a countryside retreat, Azerai Ke Ga Bay for a relaxing moment at the beach and finally Azerai La Residence for a cultural moment blending into colonial history in the the very special city of Hue. Although very different, they hold the same great quality consistency, passion for hospitality and love for guests. 





You arrive at a deck. Boat will take you within 5 min to the hidden hotel, across the Mekong river. Super sweet welcome, by the General Manager in person and some refreshments to cool down after the trip. 


Hotel common places are absolutely stunning : right leaving the main reception, find out the beautiful pond surrounded by terrace-villa and hotel restaurant viewing an extended pool. Whether relaxing during the day, or coming by for an afternoon tea waiting for the sun to set or even later a dinner around candles spread out around, this area is purely magical. 


Spirit of the property is just right. Owners and management team have created a sense of privacy like no other places - for example, guests with a private pool villa have their own access from the boat hence no need to pass by the reception to check-in. We may add a sense for details, as there are so many little attentions and creation of feeling really special. Yes, the staff would remember your name and your food habits or preferred water type!

Only few hours away from Ho Chi Minh, Azerai Can Tho is definitely a must-go if want to get away from the hectic city and experience the Mekong River in the best way. It was the first hotel during our trip and it just felt like never wanting to leave. Amazing energy.

Con Au, Can Tho, Vietnam




Azerai_La_Residence_Hue_Exterior (1).jpg

Nestled along the picturesque Perfume River, Azerai La Residence in Hue, beckons travelers with promises of cultural immersion. First minutes entering the property, we got a feeling of seamless blend between colonial elegance and modern comforts - which gives the property's timeless charm. 

Set within a restored colonial mansion, the hotel exudes an air of grandeur reminiscent of Hue's imperial past. 


Every accommodation is marked with French colonial architecture, each of them telling the story of French personalities back in that era. Thoughtfully curated. 


One of the highlights of our stay was the culinary journey. Few minutes away from the hotel, Azerai has partnered with Cercle, a healthy restaurant offering delicious Vietnamese food in a fresh and modern decor, all of this in front of a panoramic views of the river.


After a day of exploring the historic sights of Hue, nothing better than retreating at the Spa of the hotel where we indulged in treatments inspired by ancient Vietnamese healing traditions.


Azerai La Residence is not just a hotel; it's a destination unto itself - a place where history, luxury, and hospitality converge to create memories. 

5 Lê Loi, Street, Vietnam





Located along Vietnam's southern coastline, Azerai Ke Ga Bay offers travelers an idyllic escape into serenity and the raw beauty of nature. A real oasis away from the bustle of HCM. 


Stepping outside the pavillon at, 3 different shades of blue in front of us : infinity pool, ocean and sky. Immediately captivated by the stunning vistas of the boundless sea meeting the golden sands in this pure white architecture, probably inspired by Amanzoe in Greece. However, very embraced into traditional Vietnamese coastal villages, giving an ambiance of understated elegance and tranquility.


Our accommodations at Azerai Ke Ga Bay was out of reality, offering spacious bedroom (sumptuous bedding!) with a courtyard enclosing a private pool. 


Food is excellent, as chef only prepares the freshest fish coming from the neighbor fishing market. Complimentary tea time is offered by the main pool every day. And à la carte breakfast is not only tasting but so healthy, making you feeling even greater after a session of yoga on the beach at sunrise.  


Every moment we had was imbued with a sense of bliss and relaxation, as per the desire of the management team led by the dearest Julian Moore whose the mind behind the highest standard of service and commitment towards each of the guests staying at the property. His love for his work and passion to make this place every day better is definitely sensed and well perceived. 


Azerai Ke Ga Bay is a symphony of coastal tranquility, adventure, and great hospitality. It is a place where the rhythm of the tides and the warmth of Vietnamese hospitality converge to create memories that will linger long after the journey ends.

Hon Lan Commune, Vietnam

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