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June 6, 2023

Nothing better than to spend the summer in Paris, if not wanting a beach destination. The city gets so calm and empty, leaving you the space and time to enjoy it fully, with the best restaurants without any bookings. Letting you enjoy our findings for the next couple of weeks. They are absolute emerging gems...





Tuesday evening. Enni Udon, located on Rue de la Renaissance, has been open since September, but it's only now starting to make waves. It will become our go-to Japanese canteen, offering generous portions at an affordable price.

The ambiance pays homage to Japan, exuding tranquility. It inspires respect for others and their cuisine. The service is discreet yet passionate, displaying a profound understanding of their craft. "Pick for us!" Carmen suggests, flashing a smile. He knows exactly how to tantalize our taste buds.

The appetizers surprise us, but the evening's greatest revelation comes in the form of fried tofu, priced at a mere 3€... A recommendation we enthusiastically ordered again (more times than we can count!). It's a delicate symphony of crispy and melt-in-your-mouth textures.

But it doesn't stop there. The Udon dishes are excellent, accompanied by a carefully curated selection of sakes. Their commitment to freshness, quality, and attention to detail is evident. We are delighted to discover that our newfound favorite Japanese canteen offers private events. There's nothing quite like celebrating in an intimate and elegant setting, surrounded by a select few. Enni Udon understands the importance of these cherished moments and offers tailor-made privatization options. Treat your guests to an exclusive culinary experience within this intimate ambiance, where conviviality blends with elegance.

6 Rue de la Renaissance, 75008, Paris





A U-shaped counter takes center stage in this small establishment located on Rue du Grand Prieuré in the 11th arrondissement. A perfect blend of a bar and an ice cream shop, Folderol, the younger sibling of Rigmarole, hits the mark. It exudes Italian simplicity amidst the hustle and bustle of a Parisian street.

The innocent charm of Folderol captivates us: chalk drawings, temporary tattoos, stickers, and the flavors listed on a chalkboard. It's an outing for grown-up kids.

The wine selection is beautifully curated, with a keen eye for our preferences. There are two options: "take in or take out," and we opt for the former. Two empty glasses, a (filled) bottle, and two silver bowls. We settle ourselves on the sidewalk.

In this seemingly insignificant moment, we find ourselves savoring the exceptional taste of those ice creams. Lemon and Black sugar make our eyes widen with delight and we utter a satisfying "mmmmh". 

We're not the only ones enjoying this. We'll return when the buzz of the place was cooled down. We thank the team for putting a smile on our faces and for pausing time.

10 Rue du Grand Prieuré, 75011, Paris





Located in the Montorgueil district, let's discover this restaurant that is part of a group, a family story, like a puzzle piece. Each member manages their own establishment, creating a similar character but with a different ambiance.

We begin our journey with the youngest member, Comptoir Chardonnay. The bistro version of the renowned establishment "Aux crus de Bourgogne." Upon arrival, we are warmly greeted by the team and Margaux, the family's daughter.

The interior, adorned in beautiful brown wood, is pleasant, with high tables and a joyful playlist. However, we are enticed by the tranquility of the outside, a rare pedestrian street, and decide to enjoy our first terrace lunch of the year.

We immediately notice the thoughtfulness of the wine menu. Whether you're an amateur or an enthusiast, the detailed descriptions make the choice easier. Here, there is no judgment! The menu offers traditional French regional dishes, but sometimes with a twist. Like the delicious Croque-Monsieur, reinvented with a soft truffle brioche. They tried 15 bakeries before finding the right one, and they definitely succeeded! The presentation is neat and straightforward, without any fuss.


Everything about this place makes you want to come back, and to try their neighbor, the older brother!

3 Rue Bachaumont, 75002, Paris

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