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March 28, 2023

Presenting the ultimate bucket list of hotels to experience at least once in your lifetime. Unlock exclusive benefits and discounts by booking through CN.





Kwenda, Zanzibar.

Zuri is there, on a private white-sand sunset-facing beach – the only part of the island unaffected by the tide fluctuations. Among all the hotels visited, this hotel has absolutely no flaw. Arriving there, from the beach, or from the reception upstairs will make you feel firstly impressed, and then, uplifted. Merging into its jungly environment, Zuri excels on the level of design.


The furniture, decorative pieces and material used have been chosen with a subtle taste. It seems that there has been a considerable investment to create a perfect environment out of this property. Wherever you go around, you’ll always hear nice swahili greetings from a staff, motivated and happy to be working in such a privilege place. They seem to be intrinsically motivated to make this place worth going and returning over the years. The Sales Manager, William Ruwa, is a key-person to the well functioning of the place. He knows his clients, keeps in touch with them, cultivates and shares a real passion for the place.


On another note, the crowd staying at this property is of high-level, discrete and polite. Privacy is a top priority, hence the absolute interdiction of having any outside guests in the place’s restaurants either. Zuri is also a model in terms of both social and environmental sustainability. Indeed, it is set above the ground to protect the native flora while the furniture and products have been ordered from local artisans such as bath products from female seaweed farmers.


Even you will find peace and calm in this place, some sophisticated entertainments are arranged, such as cocktail tastings, bone fires and local concerts on the beach.

Kwenda, Zanzibar, Tanzania





The Datai is not only a hotel.


The management team, led by General Manager Arnaut Girodon and Executive Director of Marketing Céline Maginel, is devoted to take it beyond, to transcend the brand, to make it as a concept rather than a name on a beautiful property. They aim to have an alive property, filled with spiritual energy. So far, they undoubtedly succeeded. But, they do not take anything for granted, think always further and outside the simple box of hosting clients.


Innovation is at the heart of their approach: Datai wants to do things different (i.e Chef Serie as an ephemeral dining experience by outside culinary talents such as Michel Bras). Deeply settled in a 10-million-year-old virgin rainforest, dipping into a vanilla sand beach, Datai is home to many exotic species cohabitating with the guests. Datai design is honoring the grandiosity of its surrounding by being subtle and minimalist. It is also giving great consideration to the wildlife by offering learning session on the fauna at the nature centre and the permaculture garden – which is a proof to their true commitment to sustainability.


Obviously, food is one of the best you can find. It really feels like Datai tries to offer the best quality ingredients, cooked perfectly in twisted versions of classic recipes and creative signature dishes at any of their 4 restaurants, of different ambiance and cuisine, designed to satisfy any mood for the evening.


Above anything, Datai is about detailed-orientation. Nothing is left behind. Staff are always here to ask you if you need anything, they are giving personalized attention and get acquainted with the guests systematically. Children find themselves perfectly, to the point of being the ones pushing to come back each year! You feel taken care of, completely.

Datai Bay, Langkawi, Malaysia







This is the best word to describe this luxury hotel in Marrakech. At the root of the concept, King Mohammed VI designed the approach of having a ‘Medina within a Medina’ only composed of private riads intertwined by Moorish gardens.


Why so? Having the privilege of choosing between real privacy in your villa and publicity in the beautiful gardens, outdoor pool, a Michelin-starred restaurant and bars. Dining here is an absolute delight, breakfast being the truly momentum of the day: Arriving in a patio, greeted, seated and served with a multitude beverages, cakes, pastries, Moroccan delights, fruits… right before looking at the À la carte menu… just to make your mouth watering.


What is so special there is the soft combination between this luxurious tone (i.e being gently picked-up at the airplane entrance, going through an express lane and driven in a Bentley to the hotel) and utmost discretion in every sense, from the entrance to the interaction with the staff and the atmosphere inside. Design-wise, the tone is on the exact same course of line.


The Mansour manages to merge opulence with intimacy, notably thanks to the best craftsmanship displayed around from the mosaic, the wood, marble, to the bronze of the furniture. Last but not least, another key component is the service, composed of over 550 staff members, not only impeccable but anticipating any guest needs. By hosting King’s family and friends, the property does have privilege access to anything in the country whether it is an impossible-to-book restaurant or outstanding travel tour. The sky doesn’t seem a limit for them. Challenges for the most creative requests are much appreciated by the best concierges of the country.

Marrakech, Morocco





You just arrived in your castle perched on ramparts in the prettiest village in the area.


There is a medieval atmosphere dominating - staff being dressed up in a Provencal period costume - though up-to-date with our time. What is striking here is the interesting symbiosis between a real classiness of the property and the laid-back, to-the-ground and unpretentious vibe. This is clearly due to the friendliness and detail-excellence of the staff, since the entrance in the property up to beyond the check-out. Indeed, concierge would greet you, take you around the property over a personalized map according to your wishes and recommend you a picnic, wine tasting or cycle tour while someone would have already brought your luggage in the room.


Twice a day, staff would come to clean the room and always offer some light pastries and general suggestions for the following day according to the weather. Leaving it sounds not too bad either, as they are deeply committed to make not only the stay, but the whole journey comfortable.


They, of course, would pack all your luggages at the back of the back of the car and at the front, homemade pastries and bottles of water, just in case. Another reason for this relaxed tone in this opulent atmosphere rings with its trendy places: La Bastide de Pierre, traditional trattoria, TIGrr, known by the connoisseurs in St. Tropez, always great for asian fusion food and cocktails, and Clover, by J.F Piège, where you’ll find its famous signature dishes such as Wild squid with Carbonara and Stuffed zucchini Flowers with bush...


Luxury is nestled in every part of the hotel, and in every experience related to it. However, one’s will always feel like at home. This is the luxury customers shall aim for. After all, choosing to stay in such places is about reconnecting and re-rooting.

Gordes, France

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