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July 16, 2023

In the heart of the culinary excellence, strict rules of kitchen etiquette, and lively small restaurants, the dining scene in Paris has undergone significant changes throughout the years, showcasing a diverse range of exceptional food encounters, inspirations, tastes, and ambiences. From must-try traditional dishes to exciting and remarkable culinary establishments, our selection of Paris' finest restaurants features exceptional meals that truly shine amidst the multitude of options.




"For us, everything is a story".


You enter through these gigantic door-windows. A great welcoming that sets the tone. It will be sad to get out and go home, after dinner, we already know that. The ocher and powdery pink of the walls are enchanting, mingling with the smooth evening light which goes through the glassy roof of the main dining room. Night falls over our heads : although installed at the back, we still have the nice feeling of being outside. We are feeling ultimately good there. This certainly also comes from the team, discreet, attentive, and undeniably very caring. 


The kitchen is open, obviously a testimony for transparency and moments of sharing all together. Speaking of cooking, the chef's influence is "Love". Inspired by his Japanese wife, he makes you feel subtle notes. Tastes are pleasantly unexpected. White tasting menu at night. A la carte during the day. You get the best of both worlds. 


Soon, an artistic space will emerge in the room downstairs. Beyond a restaurant, the owners have the willingness to make it become a creative scene; bringing people together to create a community. In addition, they are planning a grocery store where they would sell their products. Because yes, they own an eco-lodge farm in the French countryside, which they want to extend to events and become a laboratory of culinary ideas. They would create in themselves a SLOW lifestyle focused on art, health and food.

Adress : 3 Rue Bourdaloue, 75009 Paris

Website :




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We do not expect it, set up there, along a simple cycling road, by the road, by the pavement. Seems like the only survivor, with the other places around.


This all-red establishment embraces us. It is heavenly and genuine. Not a single styling furniture faux-pas, since the feeling is great effortless. This is the kind of establishment that focuses on authenticity by going straight to the point. 


We know why we go there, the airy terrace makes us want to extend both the tables by inviting many friends over, and of course, the evenings so they could be endless. After midnight, the interior mingles with the exterior. The terrace with ochre, red lights and its offbeat music springs up. A RnB playlist makes its like a cool kids atmosphere. Night falls, we relax, a few glasses of wine and a mild temperature. Imagine the atmosphere!


Brother of the famous Jais restaurant, it is assumed that we will eat well there, products being fresh, associations being well-thought out and dishes being well-executed. Assumptions were not wrong at the end of the dinner. It was a full blast. 

Adress : 12 Quai des Célestins, 75004 Paris

Website :





3 family members, originally from Normandy, passionated about the human senses and contact. They say it themselves: they get up in the morning to put a smile on the lips of their customers.


On one side, a bar and high chairs, on the other, seated tables and an open kitchen. Wood, wood, wood. And we like that! The relaxed atmosphere of the Quartier Ménilmontant district can be felt in the establishment, there is no pressure. Auditorily speaking, whether it's hyper funk or more old school hip hop, it's unfussy.


Only open in the evening, because during the day, the place turns into an experimentation lab. The two chefs come from total different backgrounds, creating a varied menu changing all the time, except for the famously excellent beef croquette.


Designed for all wine lovers, amateurs being accompanied while more pro ones will be challenged. Everybody will find their happiness. The team likes to do its best to satisfy your wildest liquid dreams since they have a huge availability of natural wine by the glass, but also their own cuvée. You must come and discover of all these during a tasting.


A few years ago, Yard was a night owl. Today, he has grown and matured. The energy flows into the projects, full of good ideas. Yard is one of four other places whose privatizations can be of any kind. We notice a real synergy between all of them and all the skills of the people who work there with passion. It is actually not a group, but a real state of mind.

Adress : 6 Rue de Mont-Louis, 75011 Paris

Website :

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