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February 19, 2024

Nestled in Paris centre, Shabour Restaurant gives full stage to Middle Eastern flavors. It shows the possibility to have contemporary twists on traditional cuisine. With its intimate atmosphere and innovative dishes, it's a must-visit for those seeking a unique dining experience.



In between two Parisian streets lies an establishment inviting us to explore a universe where worlds collide. We step inside, the door closes behind us, enveloping us in a captivating warm atmosphere.

Each restaurant under the JLM group has its own unique DNA, and here it manifests as a Michelin-starred establishment with a fusion of flavors.

Shabour. They meant to dismantle to rebuild something of their own. Herein lies the beauty of a place with a spirit, an authenticity that keeps growing in a beautiful way. Preserving the stone walls, a reminiscent of those in Jerusalem, perfectly illustrates the meeting of worlds we will discover later on. With only 20 seats, accommodating up to 4 people per service, it offers an intimate dining experience.

A rectangular central island, surrounded by a smiling team adorned with black bandanas, stands amidst a bar. They calmly prepare the first notes of the culinary journey before the guests arrive. Soft candlelight dance to a soundtrack alternating between soothing classics and mysterious melodies.

And so, we embark on a timed service. We are presented with two choices: food and wine pairings or exceptional wines exclusive to them - true gems. Culinary offerings blend French classics with Mediterranean and Oriental flavors and spices, taking us on a journey without the need for air travel. Later, they will offer us hints of their kitchen secrets to take home.

One notable aspect of the service, to which we were particularly attuned, is the attention to detail in the tableware. Ceramic plates from Jerusalem, olive wood bowls, custom handmade porcelain from Austria, a stone from Israel - each piece enchants us. Before presenting the culinary delights, they place small tokens in front of us - labneh stones, porcelain eggs, or tools - each followed by a narrative. Like tales from Arabian Nights, we are swept away.

They have discovered the magic recipe, and they keep it preciously. The Michelin star is well-deserved.

19 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 Paris, France

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