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February 20, 2024

Here we are, the best season to fly to UAE and wind down in Dubai. Not only the city offers a relaxing moment at the beach, it has also (and above all) an outstandingly growing dining scene from all cuisine, excellent food quality and top service. We are glad to take out through our favorites from a very comprehensive list... 





We entered Sumosan at the Edition Hotel with high expectations, having heard well about all the other restaurants from the same family owned group over the world : London, Courchevel, Riyadh, Doha... 


From the moment we stepped through the restaurant's elegant doors, we were enveloped in a vibrant atmosphere of refined luxury and Japanese aesthetics. Clear that every detail had been thoughtfully curated.

Our culinary adventure, expressed in tasting all the very signature dishes - hands up to the quality of the fatty tuna - exceeded our aspirations. Each course was a masterpiece : beautifully presented with bursting with flavors. 

The attentive and friendly service was another highlight of our evening. The staff not only guided us through the menu but also shared insights into the ingredients and preparation techniques used in each dish, making us feel like valued guests. We felt there a real passion and commitment for hospitality.

We left the restaurant thinking that Sumosan, among so many Japanese restaurants in Dubai, sets itself appart : this restaurant comes alive with an exciting fusion of entertainment and excellent gastronomy, standing as a testament to its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. It is without any doubt that Sumosan will keep on being widely recognized as a global fine-dining phenomenon.

The Edition Dubai, Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates




PDR Upstairs  (11).jpg

Bluewaters Island tonight. We are at at a table with a breathtaking sea-view, at Alici Restaurant. 


From the moment we walked through the door, we were immersed in Italy, more precisely in Almafi Coast between Positano and Ravello. Part of it because of the beautifully decorated interior - with a special highlight to authentic pieces of art directly sourced from renowned Italian artists such as Lucio Liguori, Riccio Caprese, and Paolo Sandulli.


Another reason for the feeling comes from the excellent dishes we were so lucky to taste. Chef Domenico, the mastermind behind Alici's kitchen, wowed us with his standouts : The spaghetti “Gentille” alici e mollica and the branzino al sale which was cooked to perfection. It proved his expertise in handling seafood in the right way. All the dishes were thoroughly known and tasted by the staff who's been so helpful for recommendations and any curiosity. They even were keen on going through the story, the concept and the spirit behind Alici. Exceptional emotional moment.

This is for an obvious reason that Alici has earned multiple awards, including the TimeOut 'Highly Commended Seafood Restaurant' award in 2023, as well as recognition from What's On Dubai Awards and Gault & Millau UAE, in 2022. As a testament to Alici's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Our night at Alici Restaurant was a culinary journey that blended the beauty of Italy with the charm of Dubai. The delectable dishes, stunning sea views, and artistic ambiance came together seamlessly. It felt like an invitation to savor the flavors of the sea and the artistry of Italy in one remarkable setting.

Bluewaters Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates





We have found the direct opponent to La Petite Maison, known as the best French inspired restaurant in the financial district of Dubai. Josette, a new star has risen.


We stepped into the restaurant for dinner, on a Thursday, as we wanted to experience the wonderful singing and dancing performance elaborated by worldwide known artistic director, Sébastien Agius. First impressions ; We find ourselves immersed in an ambiance that evokes both abundance, fanciness and comfort. Crafted by London-based artist and interior designer Luke Edward Hall, famous for his bold sense of color and his ability to infuse spaces with a touch of romanticism, Josette blends artistic sensibilities with culinary mastery. It 


Beyond dinner, it opens its doors daily, inviting guests to experience breakfast and leisurely lunches on its open terrace. It also offers an afternoon tea, featuring an array of house-baked pastries prepared fresh daily, as well as sweet and savory delights.

At the heart of Josette's culinary enchantment is Chef Burcu Cracknell, who brings a unique perspective to traditional French cooking. Her menu showcases a fusion of classics : foie gras terrine, escargot, ratatouille, and an exquisite layered seafood platter.

Beyond dinner, it opens its doors daily, inviting guests to experience breakfast and leisurely lunches on its open terrace. It also offers an afternoon tea, featuring an array of house-baked pastries prepared fresh daily, as well as sweet and savory delights. Josette has definitely succeeded in attracting clients for any purpose during a day. It became a place to live, hang, dine and enjoy. 

ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, United Arab Emirates





In the ever-evolving dining scene of Dubai, finding a standout restaurant can be quite the adventure. However, our recent dinner experience at Guild Restaurant in the heart of DIFC proved to be a remarkable journey. 

As we stepped through the big red curtains, we were immediately struck by the visionary design. Crafted by London-based architect David Archer, whose portfolio includes iconic venues such as Chiltern Firehouse and The Standard Hotel, Guild's ambiance seamlessly blended contemporary elegance with timeless charm. It was evident that every detail had been carefully considered to create an exceptional dining environment.

Guild finds itself as a tribute to the legendary grill rooms of New York. Our dinner setting was unlike any other in the city, views on the open kitchen made of red brick wood fire oven and grill. Feels like an immersive dining experience, putting The Guild’s talented chefs on stage for a theatrical culinary performance.

Black Truffle Risotto, Roasted Bone Marrow and Garlic Snails were the very masterpieces of the dinner, and have to be definitely ordered when you go there. Any dessert? We opted for the melting cookie in a pan. A killer... 

Guild's location in the heart of DIFC added another layer of allure to our evening. It's a dining oasis in the midst of the city's bustling energy, offering a respite where you can enjoy an all-day dining experience. Whether you seek a power lunch, a romantic dinner, or a leisurely brunch, Guild accommodates all preferences in a captivating atmosphere.

ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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